It’s Valentine’s Day! The beautiful day that comes aroundevery year is finally here! You have been presented withthe perfect opportunity to confess the inner love you’vebeen suppressing to the gal or guy you longingly stare at inchemistry every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Maybeyou’re one of the lucky ones who will be getting lucky theentire night/day with your loved one (or not-loved one).Maybe you’ll be spending the day glaring at and despisingall of the socially accepted public displays of affectionyou’ll witness. Then again, as a member of an academiccommunity, you’ll likely be forced into a number of debateson how the holiday has turned into a corporate scam. Nomatter how you view this annual celebration of a “crazy littlething called love,” the Women’s Ensemble Theater Troupe hasthe perfect plan for you!There is another fantastic annual celebration of lips parting,rosy skin and rough, raw, all-you-can-handle LOVE that youmay not know about: THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES! Itwill talk place on the weekend following Valentine’s Day.The monologues are a set of pieces written by Eve Enslerthat all relate back to the glorious vagina. They cover topicsranging from sex, love and masturbation to birth, orgasms andmuch, much more. As part of the global activist movementto stop violence against women and girls, this event aimsto increase awareness, raise money and provide a positivevag-tastic environment for all women AND men to enjoy!The festivities begin on Friday in Storke Plaza from 11 2 p.m. with V-Day! We’ll have live performances, makeyour-own “vajewelry” stations, the coveted “Better Than SexCake,” the chance to get your picture taken with the vagina (ifever you need something classy to send home to the family)and a fistful of other fun activities! Organizations from all overcampus will be taking part and ready to spread the love.Performances are on Friday and Saturday night inCampbell Hall at 8 p.m. Doors open at 7:30 p.m. Presaletickets are $10 and will be sold throughout the week andat V-Day, and tickets will also be available at the door.All tickets and donations will be donated to the womenand girls of Haiti, Domestic Violence Solutions andRape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN).We would love to see you at Storke Plaza and in Campbell,so please cum!