UCSB was ranked as one of the 25 leading universities for Peace Corps recruits, according to the Peace Corps Top Colleges 2010 report.

Fifty-five UCSB alumni participated in the program this past year, placing UCSB 22nd in the ranking. The state of California produced more volunteers than any other state with 1,134 volunteers currently serving.

UC Berkeley upheld its status as the top school for recruiters and boasts a total of 3,457 Peace Corps volunteers since the program’s initiation.

Michael Kemp, director of career services at UCSB, said the Peace Corps has always maintained strong recruitment programs on campus.

“The Peace Corps has been a Gold Level Partner with Career Services for the past several years, and have recruited here consistently for decades,” Kemp said. “They work closely with Career Services, attending most of our career fairs, doing regular information sessions and reaching out to UCSB students in innumerable ways.”

Chancellor Henry T. Yang said the campus community is honored to have globally considerate and influential alumni.

“Students and graduates of UC Santa Barbara have long supported the ideals and activities of the Peace Corps, and that so many of them volunteer to serve each year is a great statement about their commitment to national service and global concerns,” Yang said. “We are very proud of these UCSB alumni, and of the work they do to improve the quality of life for people around the world.”

The Peace Corps was established 50 years ago and currently serves 77 countries around the world. For more information on university rankings and volunteer opportunities, visit the Peace Corps website at www.peacecorps.gov.