You’ve heard it before, but I’ll say it again: With budget cuts and student fee increases, we are paying more but receiving less for our education. So what do we do?
Delegations of protesters are sent to the University of California Regents meetings across the state to make the voices of the students heard, but are the Regents listening? Rallies and marches are organized and held on our campus and in our greater Santa Barbara community, but is the state hearing our concerns?

Despite the countless displays of hundreds, even thousands, it often seems that no one in power is listening to those whom the policies and cuts affect the most. So what do we do as UC students who are so busy focusing on classes that lobbying and protesting seems out of reach? We need a new approach.

Currently, organizations of Associated Students across the UC System are promoting a campaign in which every negative student experience can be accounted for. Remember back to week one when crashers took up more seats than enrolled students? Here is your chance to actually do something about it.

From now until Thursday, Feb. 10, students across the UC are filling out the UC CLASS (Class and Lecture Availability Student Survey) in an effort to make our complaints and concerns quantifiable. The data collected will be used to provide concrete, measurable evidence of the issues and struggles created by fee hikes and budget cuts and further legitimize our efforts to prevent cuts to public education.

Make your experience count — literally. Fill out the UC CLASS Survey at today, and take control of your education and your university.