You allow your columnists to write whatever they feel, including attacks on Christians and theists who believe in some kind of higher power, however you provide no chance for rebuttal. As a source of information for the bulk of campus, I find it appalling that the Nexus doesn’t stick to the most basic of journalistic standards, which is to give all sides of an argument a fair and equal representation. All you allow for is a very rare and occasional religious article.

[media-credit name=”Alicia Crismali” align=”alignleft” width=”250″][/media-credit] If you feel that you are a fair news source, then I say stop running these one-sided articles and provide some kind of debate rather than an unchallenged bashing on the faith of a significant portion of your readers. I know many of my Christian friends refuse to read your paper for no other reason than the fact that you have a weekly, or even bi-weekly, article which is focused entirely on proclaiming the silliness, foolishness or ridiculous nature of our belief system.

I am all for free speech, but if you want to be anything better than Fox News, which only presents the news that the hosts empathize with, rather than allowing all sides to voice their opinion, then create an article which allows both atheists and theists to answer your weekly questions. Rather than a one-sided assault, create a forum for discussion. You allow Republicans and Democrats to debate an issue from both sides, so why do you not allow for that same kind of forum when it comes to religion?

While the Nexus has a rather elevated reputation, due to recent issues, I feel it has reduced itself to only a bathroom read with weekly articles on sex and near daily opinions on marijuana — which, to be frank, have just gotten repetitive. Can’t you be more original? Here’s a thought: Stop publishing the same stoner rag every week.
Our campus has a terribly low voter turnout rate and is incredibly uninformed on both world news and county and local politics. When I look in a daily newspaper, I want to see articles that have true journalistic integrity and are concerned with actual news about the world around us. The closest thing I’ve seen to world news in the Nexus was the recent articles on the uprisings in Egypt. But even the coverage of Egypt only received two pages. While that is a large step forward, on Feb. 4, the only column that didn’t involve this campus was one small article about Sarah Palin and Dick Cheney coming to the Reagan Ranch. That is not news but a lazy excuse for an article.

Provide me with real news, hard hitting articles that require at least a little investigation. Give Christians and theists a fair chance to defend themselves. Give us a chance to say how we feel rather than let atheists give their uneducated opinion on how our belief system works, which is the equivalent of allowing an English major critique quantum mechanics. I challenge you to stop your decline and turn around, to write articles that are fair, balanced and without one-sided slander.