The federal government funded the University of California, Santa Barbara $42,020,658 in federal grants throughout the 2010 fiscal year under the Recovery Acts Project.

These figures do not include additional federal financial aid that students receive through Federal Pell Grants or individual federal departments grants to UC Santa Barbara. According to Congresswoman Lois Capps’ press secretary Ashley Schapitl, the number of grants in 2011 may decrease due to Republican promises to reduce federal spending levels.

“The big Republican campaign pledge was to cut federal nondefense discretionary spending to 2008 levels,” Schapitl said. “Nondefense discretionary spending includes nearly all federal spending that benefits UCSB — Pell Grants funding, research grants, etc. One estimate is that Pell Grants could decrease by $1,500 per student.”

Although exact numbers will remain undetermined until spending levels for the year are finalized, Schapitl said any cuts in nondiscretionary spending will negatively impact the university.

Santa Barbara County’s total revenues are projected to drop $12.4 million in 2010-11, from $757.7 million in the 2009-10 fiscal year to $745.3 million, according to the county website.

The county’s total expenditures are expected to rise by $54 million from $777.5 million in the 2009-10 fiscal year to $831.5 million in 2010-11.

While unemployment in Santa Barbara County jumped from 7.1 to 9.3 percent during the last fiscal year, this was still below the statewide average of 12.3 percent. Additionally, annual income rose an average of $1,260.

Goleta City Council increased the 2011 General Fund budget appropriations and decreased the Miscellaneous Fund appropriations from last year’s budget.

The General Fund budget was allocated $438,505 more than last year, with notable increases in the general government, finance, community services, neighborhood services, police services and nondepartmental services.

Cuts of $1,647,150 were made to the Miscellaneous Fund appropriations, with the largest monetary cuts made to community services’ various funds and neighborhood services.