Associated Students Legislative Council discussed at length a bill to modify the upcoming spring A.S. elections during last night’s four-hour meeting.

Council members debated the logistics of the bill, including vague wording in the resolution, its committee membership requirements and endorsement policy. The board ultimately tabled the measure until next week’s meeting.

Executive Vice President of Internal Affairs Jake Elwood said it’s crucial for the council to reach a decision by their next meeting.

“The deadline to make changes to this year’s elections committee is week five [of winter quarter],” Elwood said. “If we do not vote by then, the changes will be made for next year.”

However, Representative at Large Chloe Stryker said she couldn’t support the bill as written because of its lack of clarity. Stryker said its vague language could potentially violate the A.S. Legal Code’s bylaws.

“There are a lot of things in this bill that I think are a Judicial Council hearing waiting to happen,” Stryker said.

The board also discussed the resolution’s proposed candidate endorsement procedure. As specified in the bill, if a current elected officer endorses a candidate for the 2011-2012 academic year, the officer will be penalized and lose pay, among other consequences.

“For endorsements, I don’t think that you should be using your position to endorse a candidate,” Stryker said. “But does that mean that an officer cannot post ‘vote for this person’ on their Facebook without losing their honoraria and having to pay back tuition?”

Additionally, Off-Campus Representative Stanley Tzankov said the endorsement clause of the bill does not specify what constitutes “official support” for a candidate.

“I hope that we can get some clarification from the elections committee,” Tzankov said.

Representative at Large Miles Freeman, on the other hand, said he supported the bill because the electoral process is in dire need of change.

“I know this is a complicated bill,” Freeman said. “This was a bill essentially drafted, created and compiled by the elections committee and I think we should rely on the elections committee to make this decision.”

However, On-Campus Representative Alfredo del Cid said the council must first discuss the matter with the elections committee before making a decision.