Performance artist Adeline Anthony will rage tonight at her presentation of “La Angry Xicana?!” at 7:30 p.m. at the Multicultural Center.

The stand-up comic uses humor to address race and sexuality as well as tackle stereotypes of the Latino community. Anthony will also address lesbian gang epidemics, conservative politics and the dating rituals of homosexual women of color.

MCC Associate Director Vivian said Anthony’s candid speech about LBGTQ issues allows her to establish cross-cultural solidarity.

“In this case, she is a queer Chicana who addresses a lot of issues in the Chicano community,” Marsano said. “Now, there is a lot of intersection of identities and certain topics can cross lots of different groups of people. … This show is very pertinent because more people of color have felt comfortable coming out.”

According to Jessica Lopez Lyman, a Chican@ studies graduate student, Anthony uses entertainment to educate listeners.

“Even though she is humorous, she uses humor … as a form of agency to resist dominant ideologies,” Lyman said.

Alfredo Del Cid, fourth-year sociology major, said the event will initiate discussion of gender expression — a historically taboo subject within the Latino community.

“She is opening up space to talk about sexual expression … using humor, which is a powerful and healing way to break the taboos that currently exist,” Del Cid said. “It is of great value and a chance to expand students’ horizons and minds whether Chican@ or queer or not.”

Lyman said the title of Anthony’s series is meant to overcome labels often attributed to Chicanas.

“By embodying these different stereotypical characterizations of Chicana women, she actually debunks these stereotypes,” Lyman said.