Whoever invented the breakfast burrito is my hero. And as far as good breakfast burritos go, La Cantina is the place to find one. Flavorful eggs, delicious potatoes, melting cheese, rice, fresh salsa… I know, my mouth is already watering too. After a night filled with heavy liver bashing, a La Cantina breakfast burrito is the perfect meal to reboost.

This Mexican restaurant also prepares a variety of foods including homemade tamales, tacos, burritos and quesadillas. To guarantee freshness, every meal is grilled to order right in front of your drooling face. The large burritos come neatly wrapped in foil with a side of chips, salsa fresca and limes. Free chips and salsa… can’t complain too much! The first bite of the burrito will get rid of all the pains from the night before. All burritos come in large or small to cater to any appetite and can be customized with bacon, sausage or avocado upon request.

Happy Hour at La Cantina is the perfect local bargain. Enjoy $2 pints and $3 quesadillas on the street-side patio Monday through Friday from 2 p.m. until closing time.

Couch potatoes rejoice! La Cantina’s delicious spread can be hand-delivered to your I.V. stoop. Check out their special take-out menu online at www.cantinaiv.com.