Located on East Cabrillo Boulevard with a clear view of the Pacific and Stearns Wharf, El Torito Mexican Grill is worth the extra fifteen-minute drive downtown from Isla Vista for a delectable change in scene and taste.

Sizzling at the center of the Mexican eatery’s brunch buffet is the jam-packed omelet station. The omelet chef sautees away as an endless line of hungry patrons chooses from a variety of customizable toppings and cheese. Nearby home fries perfectly complement these fluffy egg creations, but it’s the unusual brunch suspects that truly steal the all-you-can-eat show.

The flavorful and refreshing shrimp ceviche makes for a cool and delicious bite to inhale on a sea-side Sunday morning. The tender shrimp and the onion’s kick marry the cool cucumber and bright lime flavors and make for a surprising wakeup call. Let’s just say milk and cereal may have met their Sunday-morning match.

El Torito’s famous sweet corn cake rivals the ceviche for best dish at the buffet table. The sweet, moist cornmeal is peppered with bursting kernels of fresh corn and seriously rivals any breakfast sweet in the bakery.

Hand-made corn tortillas allow diners to scoop up their piled-high plates into an all-inclusive brunch taco. Working right in the middle of the restaurant, the tortilla maker works the masa, hand-presses the dough and cooks the final product to perfection. It’s an all out frenzy while customers snatch up the tortillas off the comal – a flat skillet used for making the tortillas. They are then filled with a selection of juicy carnitas, chicken or steak and loaded with diced onions, cilantro, cabbage, salsa fresca and lime juice.

El Torito Mexican Grill is a tasty alternative to your average pancake brunch fare. Priced at 15$ a person, this casual Mexican eatery serves this bottomless brunch feast on Sunday from 9:30am to 2:00pm and promises to please.