After having shot two deputies and two civilians with a C02-powered pellet gun next to the Camino Real Marketplace on Saturday, Charles Peart Quinn is now facing several felony charges.

Charles Quinn

Quinn was shot several times by Goleta County Sheriff’s Dept. deputies after he opened fire on bystanders and law enforcement, and is reported to be recovering in the Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital. Everyone hit by his pellet gun has been cleared for non-life-threatening wounds.

Quinn is under arrest, pending his release from Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital, with multiple felony charges including one count of armed robbery, four counts of assault with a deadly weapon, three counts of assault with a deadly weapon against a peace officer and three counts of battery with injury to a peace officer.

According to a Goleta County Sheriff’s Dept. press release, Quinn’s pellet gun, a semi-automatic, was capable of firing multiple .177 caliber projectiles at a velocity about 400 feet per second. Quinn is a registered sex offender in the state of Florida and has a previous criminal history with several other law enforcement agencies.

The three deputies involved in the shooting are Deputy Mohsen Amjadi, Deputy Robert Baisa and Deputy Justin DiPinto. All three deputies remain on paid administrative leave as is policy following any officer-involved shooting.

Authorities will seek additional charges from the district attorney’s office during the investigation.