After the DREAM Act was defeated, media pundits were caught whispering about backdoor methods of pushing the amnesty bill through the executive bureaucracy. Even though President Obama’s Administration has yet to confirm the media’s wildest DREAMs, the White House is getting ready to fight for the Environmental Protection Agency to begin backdoor carbon regulation this month. The administration claims it has the power to regulate carbon dioxide under a 2007 Supreme Court ruling that gives the agency power to determine whether carbon dioxide was a hazard to human health. The White House and Congressional Democrats stand ready to defend the “little man” and the “middle class” as the EPA prepares to push through carbon emissions limits that will drive up taxes, food and energy prices, meanwhile driving people out of their homes and jobs in the name of man-made “global warming.” More perverse still, is the attempt to legislate through unelected officials in executive bureaucracies and judicial decisions.

Opponents of global warming are often called “climate change deniers.” Oddly enough, the opposite is true. People questioning global warming are passionate believers in climate change while global warming advocates deny climate change is the norm. Of course nobody denies the climate is changing and we have affected it. However, it’s important to remember that climate is the most coupled, nonlinear and uncontrollable system on the earth. Changing one variable at the margins is scientific nonsense. Consequently a legal battle is ramping up between Al Gore and 30,000 scientists, including 9,000 Ph.D.s disputing carbon dioxide’s role in climate change. Can changing one variable, manmade carbon emissions, out of the millions of factors, both natural and human, drive climate and moreover create a neutral, predictable and sustainable climate? Unfortunately, a sustainable climate is an oxymoron as climate will change with or without us.

Since climate is a nonlinear, multivariable and unruly force, naturally, governments have claimed they can control its effects. During the 2008 campaign, President Obama promised a reduction in world sea levels. Looking past the semi-religious global warming mystics who revolve in and out of politics, the origin of their authoritarian rhetoric hasn’t changed: control of society and its resources by any means necessary. By claiming intervention on behalf of the planet, those in power seek to control you and your private property. Whether by reaching into the bathroom to control toilet flush rates or dictating Corporate Average Fuel Economy government, bureaucrats can hardly wait to raise your energy prices, food prices and taxes. Further, they’ll push around pieces of paper, punishing small businesses and the middle class who they’re supposedly standing up for.

Given the aggressive attitude regarding global warming on campus, it’s important to remember that each side of an issue has two perspectives. Since all of us share the planet, it’s irrational to argue Conservatives “hate the planet.” What we hate is a group of unelected government officials who punish our society so they can expedite control of our liberty and private property.