The Associated Students Finance Board allotted $15,744 to five student organizations during last night’s one-hour-twenty-minute meeting.

The board fully funded the Black Student Union, Student Veteran Organization, Model United Nations and Laughology, and partially funded the Black Pioneers Renaissance Organization. Requests made by the Latino Business Association and CALPIRG were tabled by the board for consideration next week.

The Student Veteran Organization received full funding, $300, for its annual “Ask-A-Vet Forum” — an event meant to educate the university about UCSB student veterans.

President Boris Palencia, a fourth-year economics major, said the forum was organized to debunk student misconceptions about veterans.

“The reason we want to do this is because three years ago, my friend, who is a veteran, saw a protest against the war saying ‘all soldiers are baby killers,’” Palencia said. “A lot of the veterans here are a lot more experienced in life, so since we’re at school we want to educate you guys about veterans.”

The Taiwanese Student Association requested funding for a quarterly potluck showcasing Chinese culture.

President Han-Wei Chiang, a second-year political science graduate student, said the event allows students and faculty to enjoy authentic Chinese cuisine.

“The potluck is one of our quarterly events,” Chiang said. “We have it every quarter and it’s a gathering for all kinds of students, scholars and professors. It’s an opportunity for us to interact with different people and enjoy traditional Chinese food.”

However, board member Chloe Stryker said she was concerned that event organizers didn’t target the student body at large.

“It seemed like they didn’t really want to reach out,” Stryker said. “I think we should add a stipulation that they should advertise more to outside students. It seemed like an event they were going to hold within their group.”

The board ultimately declined TSA’s $150 request.