The Associated Students Finance Board distributed $10,705 to eight student organizations during their final meeting of the year, held last night in the UCen.

The board fully funded Sisters Geared to Reign, Lambda Theta Alpha, UCSB Women’s Lacrosse and Hermanas Unidas, and partially funded Latin American Men Bringing Diversity and Scholarship, Lambda Pi Eta and two events organized by Lambda Sigma Gamma, Nu Alpha Kappa and Gamma Zeta Alpha. Funding decisions for FeelGood SB and Scientific Understanding and Reason Enrichment (S.U.R.E.) were tabled until next quarter.

Sisters Geared to Reign received full funding during last night’s two-hour meeting. The organization was allotted $100 for its annual Reigning Toys event, which provides gifts, food and activities to local underprivileged children. Social Chair Veronica Smith, a third-year history major, said the event creates a bridge between the student body and Santa Barbara community.

“What we do is we have 100 students from Isla Vista come in and we give them Christmas presents,” Smith said. “This is something we like to do for the community and to get UCSB students involved. It’s a way to create a bridge with the community.”

S.U.R.E. requested $25,950 to host a lecture by Sam Harris — New York Times bestselling author and member of the New Atheist Movement. Treasurer David Urzua, a fifth-year philosophy major, said Harris’s lecture will foster secular thought at the university.

“Within our group, he is considered one of the most powerful spokespersons for atheism,” Urzua said. “We are actually a humanist, atheist, agnostic group on campus. We’re trying to become more visible, to let students know that there is a group like this on campus.”

Board member Chloe Stryker said S.U.R.E. needed to get alternate sources of funding prior to requesting support from the Board. The board postponed the vote until Winter Quarter.