Guess who has two thumbs and pulled a Michael Richards last night? This guy.

I have been attempting stand-up comedy with mixed success for the past few months. Last Thursday night, I was kindly removed from the MCC stage mid-act. I don’t blame them, that was some subpar writing on my part. Nevertheless, I apologize to anyone that might have been offended by my horrible set-killing joke.

The joke was a simple cheap shot: “Obama’s done a good job so far. For a black guy.”

I felt horrible as I said it, but because of that I was compelled to say it. I knew it would get a reaction that would force me to get out of the hole I dug myself into with some insightful social criticisms — or if all else failed, dick jokes.

I’m afraid that I’m perceived as a bigot by some people as a result of that graceless exit. I don’t blame them though. I gave them all the ingredients to reach that conclusion. I am not a victim of unfounded judgment.

Still, I wish I had been afforded the chance to recover. What I said was horrible, poorly delivered and made plenty of people in the audience uncomfortable. However, that was precisely my point. Of course the quality of Obama’s presidential output has nothing to do with his racial identity. Nevertheless, no amount of education, posturing or enlightening is going to remove that deep-seated bigotry from the core of some people.

That was the message behind my joke. I was expressing my frustration at ignorance by being ignorant. And then I got booted off stage!

Now I’m frustrated at being censored in a supposedly open space.

I’m being hyperbolic. I know I stepped over the line. I know I was warned to keep the space sacred and safe. Yet I still can’t help feeling a bit cheated. It was an open mic. You can hate my bad writing, but at least let me finish…

So dear MCC crowd: I hope we’re on good terms now. I’ll be back at the next open mic and I really hope that you’ll let me finish this time. I promise that I’ll do a pretty good job.

For a Mexican.