Students can cast their votes for the upcoming mid-term elections at one of the many on and off-campus polling stations tomorrow.

Christine Byon, organizing and communications director for UC Student Association, said UCSB has registered 8,095 individuals — the highest number of registered students of all the UCs and the CSUs.

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People gather to cast their votes at one of the many polling locations around Santa Barbara and Goleta.

Billie Alvarez, Santa Barbara’s chief deputy registrar of voters, said approximately 42,000 people county-wide are registered to vote in the mid-term election.

“We usually get a 65 percent turn-out,” Alvarez said. “Depending on the election, it can be more difficult than others [to attract voters]. We’ve had some great responses this year and a have lot of volunteers.”

Voter registration employees predict that half of the registrants will cast their ballots tomorrow.

Alvarez, who has 24 years experience at the registrar office, said there are two important things for voters to know before voting.

“Take some time to study the ballot. Know what you’re going to be voting on,” Alvarez said. “[Secondly], be sure to find out the location of the polling places.”

We let you know our opinions with the Daily Nexus’ endorsements, now read on to find a polling location near you.

On Campus

Do you live in the dorms or only have time to vote in-between classes? Polling places on campus include the San Nicolas Rec Room, Santa Rosa Formal Lounge and the Loma Pelona Multipurpose Room near Manzanita Village. There will be tables with volunteers by the UCen and the Arbor who are available to answer any questions about the process.

Around the County

There are approximately 50 polling locations set-up today throughout Goleta and Santa Barbara.

More locally, there are five places to vote in Isla Vista: the Santa Barbara Hillel, Santa Catalina Linda Vista Room, Saint Michael and All Angels Church Sanctuary, Santa Ynez Apartments in the Jameson Community Center and Saint Mark’s Catholic Church Social Hall.

Hillel business manager Nathan Roller said his group has opened its doors to I.V. voters for as long as he can remember.

“As long as I’ve been here, we’ve been doing this,” Roller said. “The Santa Barbara voting people ask if they can use the building and we always say yes. Hillel is here to serve the Isla Vista community, and [providing polling booths] is one of the ways we do that.”

What you need to know

Voters must present their California Drivers License or CA ID, as well as a nonpartisan Easy Voter Guide and a sample ballot. Voters should also bring registration confirmations, which are the little yellow cards received in the mail. Partisan memorabilia will not be permitted.

Zenaida Fuentes, a fifth-year Chican@ and global studies major and staff member for the A.S. External Vice President of Statewide Affairs, said students should cast their votes on proposition that have consequences spanning the state.

“We’re trying to tell students that our fees have gone up with the 32 percent increase and we hear that there will be a nine percent increase as well,” Fuentes said. “We have an opportunity to build electoral power and make the officials that make these decisions be held accountable to us as students since we went out and voted.”

Voters can call 1-800-SBC-VOTE or visit to find the nearest polling location.