It’s old news to say that dubstep is big in I.V. Unfortunately I don’t hear a whole lot of variety in what I hear out there in the streets. So consider this a call to arms; stop playing the same old stuff, get out on the internet and find some new, scary shit to put on your Halloween mix. If you’re already bumping this, give yourself a nice pat on the back. Way to win, winner.

5. Deadmau5 feat Rob Swire — “Ghosts N Stuff” (Nero Remix)
The original version might be a little bit spookier, but the Nero remix of the track is off the hook. Nero is a dubstep/hardcore artist from the UK with a bunch of quality remixes. It’s harder to find his stuff than other artists’, but well worth the search. He packs his tracks full of more wobbles and bounce than a party full of girls who’ve spent their last four years on the DP Smirnoff diet.

4. Robert Babicz — “Dark Flowers” (Joris Voorn Magnolia Mix)
This track is a solid eight minutes of scary dubstep/trance, but I picked it because of where I found it; is a great blog, founded by a former UCSB student, with interviews and free downloads of the newest and hottest dubstep artists. The blog is currently blowing up; it’s consistently of quality and you owe it to yourself to download every track on the website.

3. Bar 9 — “Midnight”
I love Bar 9’s productions. He’s Canadian, which gives his tracks a little different sound than most of the British dubstep I hear around I.V. Pretty much, every Bar 9 track is on point, dirty and bouncy like a stripper with Hep C’s fake boobs. This one is a little spookier then others. I highly recommend checking his stuff out.

2. Burial – “Ghost Hardware”
Burial creates the darkest, bleakest, minimal soundscapes possible. Every song on his self-titled album sounds like the soundtrack to a suicide. This would be the ultimate music for setting an uneasy mood at your Halloween party, except that it could cause people to slip into serious, depressive states. “Forgive” is mostly made up of a loop of a child saying “forgive us” played backwards. Creep city. Ghost Hardware is a good record with all the scary and a little more bounce.

1. The Widdler – “Red Rum”
This is the scariest dubstep track I’ve ever heard. It came on in my car late one night as I was driving home and I had to turn it off because even though the beat is dirty like a rotten cat by the side of the road, the song is just way too scary to be listening to while driving through the woods alone in the dark. I think it’s the horror film sound effects and the dialogue samples from “The Shining.” People better be playing this at their haunted houses.