Michael Vick is the fucking man. The dude is seriously amazing. And with his recent success, we as fans are faced with a dilemma: Do we root for Vick?

[media-credit id=20120 align=”alignleft” width=”173″][/media-credit]I am not here to talk about his past. As a sports fan, I will be honest: I do not care about his past mistakes. Sure, he has done some beyond horrible things, and it may be naïve, but I just want to watch him do what he does best on Sundays. Is that too much to ask for?

Apparently not. Last Sunday, in his first full start since 2006, Vick racked up over 300 total yards and four touchdowns. Talk about a comeback.

By the way, I feel the same about Tiger. Ever since he returned to the tour, I have been rooting for him. Let him fuck all the women he wants — just because he is the greatest golfer in the world doesn’t mean he has to be the best role model in the world. The only reason I am angry at Tiger is just because he may have robbed us, the fans, of the chance to watch the greatest golfer ever dominate in his prime like no one else has.

Back to Vick. The best Madden player in the game is back at it again. And he may be even better. We all know America loves a redemption story, and Vick is well on his way. He is atoning for his mistakes off the field and on the field, and if you have watched him play at all this season you know what I am talking about. He is as fast as an elite running back, can throw the ball as far as DeSean Jackson can run and catch it and has been surprisingly consistent and smart for a player who recently served 21 months in prison away from football.

Sure, he showed signs of his former greatness last year, but he wasn’t the same. We wondered if he would ever be the same. I’m just glad that the Eagles are dumb enough to trade Donovan McNabb away.

Hoping that Kevin Kolb would be McNabb’s apparent heir, ala Aaron Rodgers after Brett Favre’s multiple bullshit retirement routines, the Eagles happily gave Donovan away to a division rival. Then Kolb gets injured. Hey, wait. We have fucking Superman waiting on the bench, let’s let him loose. And Vick has run with it. Like a pitbull — who let the dogs out, baby?!

But Vick is an alpha-dog. Now that he is finally out of the doghouse, he plays ruff and likes to get his paws dirty.

On a fantasy note, it’s time to pick him up. Or trade for him. You will probably be rooting for him anyway just because he is so exciting to watch; why not get points for it also? That’s what we call the fantasy double-team.

So you better believe I will be watching when Donovan McNabb and the division rival Washington Redskins travel to Philly to take on Vick and the Eagles. And yes, I will be rooting for the always-entertaining Vick. Really, how can you not?

Daily Nexus staff writer Ryan Porush hopes his fantasy team’s not playing against Vick next week…