Sprouting and hopeful tulips to the graduating class of 2010. Budget cuts and impacted classes don’t make for the best educational fertilizer, but you still pulled through. Congrats!

Disappointed, hungover turds to this year’s Extravaganza. Long lines, poor organization and lackluster performances made for a pretty horrible musical experience. Drake, you ain’t the best we’ve ever had.

Healthy, vibrant tulips to the green, unscorched hills of Santa Barbara. Once again, we salute you for not taking every opportunity to catch on fire. Smokey the bear would be proud.

Sober, parched turds for this years Notopia. Another UCSB tradition bites the dust as overbearing ordinances try to ruin our fun. We’re tired of the party poopers. Can we just enjoy our Natty Lights and beautiful surroundings in peace?

Slimy, sneaky turds to the Board of Supervisors for passing the Social Host Ordinance without any student input. If you’re going to target Isla Vista for alcohol abuse and infringe on our rights, at least be honest about it.

Consenting, trusting tulips to the Nexus readership for taking our advice in the A.S. executive board elections. Finally, a competent and diverse board with multiple perspectives can represent the student population.

Greasy, greedy turds to British Petroleum for causing the worst oil spill in U.S. history.  As if robbing us at the pump is not enough, you now have to ruin our environment as well.

Plump, promising tulips to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger for recognizing the UC’s financial crisis and pledging to save the Cal Grant system in his revision to the state budget. We’ll take the $500 million. And we hope you’ll be back with more.