Condoms, candy and containers of lubricant littered the Student Resource Building lawn yesterday at the UCSB Sex Affair event.

The Sex & Relationship Peer Health interns hosted the function with the slogan of “Knowledge Never Looked So Sexy.” The affair provided students with information about a variety of topics ranging from effective communication skills to different birth control methods.

Miki Voges, a fourth-year psychology major and Sex & Relationships intern, said event planners intended to make students aware of university health services.

“Tabling like this helps students realize that there are resources on campus available to them,” Voges said. “These resources apply to everyone, even if they are not sexually active.”

Students Teaching Alcohol & Drug Responsibility, Healthy Eating and Living, Planned Parenthood and the Rape Crisis Center also tabled at this year’s event. To ensure that students utilized all the resources available at the event, interns gave attendees mock passports to fill out and trade in for a free T-shirt.

Malek Guerbaoui, a fourth-year psychology major and Sex & Relationships intern, commended both the variety of organizations and the effectiveness of the mock passports.

“We want students to get all the information before they get a prize,” Guerbaoui said.

Each table had activities and prizes, which ranged from sex toy demonstrations to free pamphlets on how to de-stress. Attendees also received goodie bags full of condoms, dental dams, candy, flavored lubricant and pamphlets on how to use a condom correctly.

Nicole Mellom, a second-year communication and film & media studies double major, said she enjoyed the event.

“I think it’s really great that they get other organizations to do this,” Mellom said. “It raises awareness in a fun way.”