While the filmmakers behind the crop of this year’s Reel Loud Film Festival are definitely UCSB students, the 12 films that will be screening next Saturday night are much, much more than that.

From an epic Western with gorgeous, sweeping shots of desert landscapes to a side-splitting I.V.-set bromance to a Chaplin-esque farce about two rival magicians to a kitschy sci-fi flick chronicling the defeat of a communist creature with 20 eyes, the diverse films selected to run this year are a testament to the talent of cinematically inclined Gauchos.

For the few of you out there who don’t know, Reel Loud, currently in its 19th year as a UCSB tradition, screens a dozen short, silent films accompanied live by a diverse group of musical acts, from spoken word to Spanish flamenco to good old rock ‘n’ roll.

The event, this year themed “Wonderland,” will feature an art exhibit as well as a number of performances in-between films.

This year’s assembled roster includes “Betty’s Big Birthday,” “Mute,” “Talamae,” “The Creature with 20 Eyes,” “No I in Team,” “Spanish Bombs,” “Desert Gold,” “Identity,” “Shadows on the Shore,” “Eres Tu,” “I.V. Fairy” and “Fotography Girl,” all assembled by UCSB students using old-school film equipment and edited the old-fashioned way.

Tickets to the festival can be purchased for $10 in advance at the Film & Media Studies Dept. Office or for $12 at the door. Arrive early – Campbell Hall will almost certainly sell out, and you won’t want to miss the opening act.