New York Times columnist David Brooks will lecture on presidential politics tonight at 8 p.m. in Campbell Hall.

Brooks, a leading moderate conservative political commentator, will focus on Barack Obama’s presidency and provide an analysis of the strategies used in his political campaigning. In addition to his op-ed column for the New York Times, Brooks is a frequent analyst on National Public Radio and has written numerous books including Bobos in Paradise and On Paradise Drive.

David Brooks

According to UCSB Arts and Lectures Associate Director Roman Baratiak, students can benefit from Brooks’ insight into the Executive branch.

“He’ll present his perspective as a moderate conservative, of the current state of the conversation in Washington about such important topics to students as health care, education reform, immigration, the environment and the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan,” Baratiak said. “He’ll encourage students to become knowledgeable and engaged with the political process.”

And, considering Brooks’ hectic schedule, Baratiak said it is an honor to have the columnist visit UCSB.

“We are fortunate that Mr. Brooks found time in his very busy and demanding schedule to include a stop in Santa Barbara,” Baratiak said. “He will be flying out from Washington on Sunday evening to spend Monday with us here in Santa Barbara.”

Brooks will also be visiting a political science class focused on government and the economy this afternoon for an informal talk with the class’s 35 students.

Zach Finn, a second-year political science major, said Brooks is the ideal political journalist to speak to the UCSB campus because his views will not stigmatize the student population.

“I think he’s probably one of the most interesting [journalists] — really well known for his opinions on public affairs,” Finn said. “He offers some of the most practical leftist opinions, but they are not over the top or excessive. Since he sticks to the facts, this lecture will be very interesting. It’s going to be very interesting regardless of whether you’re a conservative or liberal.”

Tickets for Brooks’ lecture, “Politics in the Age of Obama” will cost $10 for students and $15 for the general public.