After much thought and reflection, I’d like to say this to all of those who read my article (“Real Gypsies Contrast with Disney Depiction,” Daily Nexus, April 23, 2010). My original intent, when writing this article, was not to write about race, to come across as racist or to target the Romani people in any way, shape or form. If it came across as such, I’m genuinely sorry about that.

[media-credit id=20105 align=”alignleft” width=”197″]RRR-DisneyGypsiesWeb[/media-credit]Before it was edited to the abridged version that ran in print, the article was written for student travelers as a “how to” on not getting pick-pocketed in dense, touristy areas around Europe (my example being Paris). The term “gypsy” (as an adjective, referring to that nomadic and unconventional lifestyle rather than an ethic group of people) is one that is commonly used in France to refer to the pickpockets. After being abroad for so long, I had failed to grasp the racial undertones of the word “gypsy,” and did not fully understand the meaning or significance of the word outside of this context.

Again, it was not my intention to be racist against any group of people — especially the Romani in Europe. I have nothing but respect for the people I have met during my time traveling throughout Europe.