-Serve as the official representative of A.S. to the University of California Students’ Association
-Work on all state, federal and UC matters
-Hold a forum once per quarter in front of the UCen

-Maximum honorarium of $400 per quarter
-Full payment of university-assessed fees for term of office.

The Nexus endorses B.O.S.S.’s Douglas “Doug” Wagoner for external vice president of statewide affairs. Wagoner’s ability to articulate ideas effectively makes him the best candidate for this position, which demands constant interaction with government officials. UC administrators will appreciate Wagoner’s collaborative approach to dealing with difficult issues like budget cuts and fee hikes.

His two competitors, current EVSPA Celina Ayala of OPP and Edward-Michael Muña of DPP, don’t measure up.

Ayala’s status as an incumbent should turn off voters dissatisfied with this year’s performance, while Muña’s difficulty expressing ideas during his interview raises questions about his aptitude for a job that hinges on effective communication. Of all these candidates, we feel Doug has the strongest ability to effectively run this office in the coming school year.

Wagoner is a pragmatic idealist that the administration would take seriously and is our endorsed candidate for EVPSA.