A total of 19,721 high-school seniors — roughly 42 percent of the 46,672 that applied — were admitted to UCSB for the 2010-11 year.

As has been a trend in previous years, this year’s incoming class boasts better academic qualifications, as well as increased diversity, compared to 2009’s admitted student body. According to a press release, the campus’ admissions department estimates that 3,900 of the admitted applicants — who were drawn from the second largest applicant pool ever — will submit Statements of Intent to Register for Fall 2010. In addition, 2,428 freshman applicants were placed on UCSB’s first-ever waitlist, pending an admission verdict in mid-May.

According to the admissions statistics, the average high-school grade point average was just above 4.10 — up from 4.01 last year — and the average total SATR score was a 1909 out of 2400, compared to 1877 last year.

According to the press release, this year’s statistics indicate an increasingly competitive admissions atmosphere at UCSB. In past years, nearly half of all freshman applicants were admitted to the university; however, this year the school offered only 42 percent of its applicants a spot in the fall.

Last year the university received S.I.R. from several hundred more students than they were expecting. In a press release, the admissions office explained that they wish to change that this year.

“Reflecting those considerations, the target number of 3,900 freshmen that UCSB expects to enroll in the fall will be 700 fewer than actually enrolled last year, while the 1,500 new transfer students it enrolls will be 350 fewer than enrolled last year,” the release said.

The percentage of applicants with diverse backgrounds rose slightly this year, with 52.6 percent of admitted applicants hailing from a racial or ethnic minority group, up from 51.8 percent last year.

The 12,320 transfer students looking for a spot at UCSB are still having their applications considered by the admissions department, and will receive responses by the end of the month. Applications from transfer students increased 22 percent since last year, the press release said.

Admitted freshman applicants must submit their S.I.R. by May 1.