A recent letter to your newspaper from Jim Nalls (“Isla Vista Sobering Site Would Benefit Students and Entire Community,” March 29, 2010) is rife with misinformation concerning the idea for an Isla Vista Sobering Center – a tactic typical of the ‘old boys network’ that supports the hand-picked Josh Lynn for district attorney.

I, for one, applaud Joyce Dudley for her support of this project (originally championed by Supervisor Doreen Farr) in spite of the budget challenges and other hurdles she has faced.

As former county director of Housing and Community Development, I am aware that it is not within the district attorney’s power to make the Sobering Center happen, although the old boys would like you to think so. The sheriff (who has endorsed Dudley), and the Board of Supervisors (all of whom which endorsed a candidate for district attorney have endorsed Dudley) need to be on board. Not only has Dudley discussed this with Supervisor Farr (a Dudley supporter), she has also discussed this with multiple UCSB students and the UCSB Police Chief.

As an alumna of UCSB, Dudley strongly supports UCSB’s students, faculty and staff. If the students of UCSB, their parents and their neighbors want the Sobering Center to happen, they can greatly increase the odds of a successful outcome by voting for Joyce Dudley for district attorney. She will continue to work for you, as she has been doing for decades.