A Web site dedicated to comedic photographs of life in Isla Vista has become an overnight hit with the Gaucho community.

OnlyinIV.com was started last August by fourth-year film studies major Emily Roberts and features photo submissions ranging from couches on the roofs of apartments on the ocean side of Del Playa Drive to a girl swinging on a stop sign pole on DP.

Roberts typically receives five to 10 photo submissions a day, and says her qualifications for posting them are pretty simple.

“Is it really something worth people looking at and thinking it’s something that would happen in Isla Vista?” she said of her screening process.

Roberts was inspired to create the site after she purchased a big screen television and snapped a picture of her and her friends pushing it down the street on a skateboard.

“We literally skateboarded it down the street,” she said. “We were pushing it down DP like it had wheels.”

Roberts was so taken with the photograph that she had it framed. Then, she decided to start a Web site that would display similar images of Isla Vista’s unique culture.

According to Roberts, the site has grown rapidly in the past few months and now averages 10,000 page views per day.

“I bought the domain back in August,” she said. “I didn’t really do much with it because I wasn’t trying to spread the word about it until probably this past January when I started the Facebook page. That’s when it actually started to get popular.”

Roberts garnered most of the attention for the site from the Facebook page, which has over 2,600 fans.

Third-year communication major Kim Harris said that she found out about OnlyinIV.com through a friend on Facebook.

“I visit OnlyinIV.com pretty often, whenever I see a funny picture appear on my homepage on Facebook I usually want to check it out,” Harris said.

Third-year physics major Kenji Kemp said he learned about the Web site through a friend and recently submitted a photograph of his own.

“I think it is absolutely phenomenal,” Kemp said. “I could see how people might see it as negative. But I think the kind of people who look at the Web site are people that would appreciate it.”

Harris said that she enjoyed being able to see “ridiculous moments” captured from average weekends in I.V.

“I think that it promotes a positive image of Isla Vista in that it shows that we all have a great sense of humor and don’t take life too seriously,” she said.

Kemp echoed the sentiment.

“It proves to me that there are not just people like me doing dumb stuff, it’s an entire community of students. It makes me proud to be a part of the community,” he said.