Extreme sports junkies who are unimpressed by the Olympic Games can attend tonight’s Best of the 34th Annual Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour, which features B.A.S.E. jumpers, mountain bikers, rock climbers and extreme-altitude paragliders.

The films will be screened tonight and tomorrow at 7:30 p.m. at Campbell Hall. While tickets for tonight’s show are sold out, limited tickets are still available for tomorrow’s screening and cost $10 for UCSB students and $12 for the general public. Tickets can be purchased at the Arts & Lectures box office.

Films and Lectures Manager Roman Baratiak said the Banff Festival Tour has attracted sold-out audiences at UCSB for the past 16 years. He said a majority of the films depict aspects of mountain culture, including climbing, skiing, snowboarding, speed riding, paragliding and B.A.S.E. jumping.

Moreover, Meagan Stewart, Banff Mountain Film Festival program coordinator, said the festival celebrates the spirit of adventure that epitomizes mountain culture. Stewart said students will get a small taste of the Banff Film Festival, which supports the visions of unknown filmmakers and spreads environmental awareness.

“We want people to leave inspired,” Stewart said.

The Banff World Tour has brought 10 of the festival’s most popular films and videos to UCSB on subjects including extreme sports, the tallest human water slide and last Tibetan sanctuaries. Tonight’s films include “MedeoZ,” “Mustang — Journey of Transformation,” “First Ascent: Alone on the Wall,” “Kranked — Revolve” and “Birdman of the Karakorum.” The styles range from one-minute short features of six different mountain sports to an hour-long exploration of the world of extreme-altitude paragliding.

One of the feature films, “Mustang — Journey of Transformation,” tells the story of the Himalayan kingdom of Mustang, one of the few remaining sanctuaries of Tibetan Buddhist culture. Narrated by Richard Gere and featuring the Dalai Lama, the movie reveals the efforts being taken to save the culture and its people from extinction.

According to Baratiak, Banff — a town nestled in the Canadian Rockies — sponsors an annual mountain photography contest and three-day film festival. The festival screens over 120 films, and the Banff World Tour brings the best films from the Canadian festival to over 250 cities across the world.

Tomorrow’s films include “Project Megawoosh,” “Signatures: Canvas of Snow,” “Solo” and “Mont Blanc Speed Flying.”