Over a million people across the United States suffer from a lack of health insurance coverage due to pre-existing conditions. Millions more find themselves losing their homes due to the debt they accrued from medical costs. Small businesses across California are ceding their medical coverage due to the 39 percent increase in premiums. So why do conservative editorialists rejoice at the “death” of healthcare reform? Clearly the answer is that without the passage of healthcare reform, Democrats will be hard pressed to succeed in the following elections.

Thus, while the people of the United States suffer from the worst healthcare system of any post-industrial first-world country, Republicans clink champagne glasses with health insurance companies in rejoice of their “political victory.” Can we stand idly by while the Republican party steals a comprehensive health insurance plan away from us for a THIRD time?

The answer is no. There is too much at stake to allow the issue to slip by. As college students, we may feel quite comfortable with our university-sponsored coverage, or even the coverage our parents can offer. But many don’t realize that once you graduate from college, you’ll no longer qualify for your parents’ coverage. And with so many small businesses, and even larger franchises, reducing the coverage they offer, entering the workforce will not provide the benefits we’ll need.

Today at 7:30 p.m., CalPIRG will be presenting Michael Moore’s “Sicko” at the I.V. Theater to remind everyone here at UCSB exactly what is at stake with this healthcare initiative. There will be free Woodstock’s pizza, free raffle prizes, AND free admission. Our hope is to bring this issue back to the moral roots that drive it, and away from the political battle that has dragged the issue through the mud for so long.