The Marley house was not just another trashy I.V. building. Sure, the freshman masses flocked to it as eagerly as any other booze-filled clusterfuck, but it had meaning. It was a throwback to I.V. of the past; an homage to the once thriving, thoroughly radical hippie culture. And it was painted over.

Shed a tear my friends, Bob’s sunlit face will shine down on DP no more. “Why?” you might ask. Why in Jah’s name would they paint over Bob Marley? Apparently, the mural made the house too noticeable, which led to it being too rowdy. The police thought that by painting over that piece of I.V. culture, they could quell the raging parties that made their weekly appearance.

Is it justified to destroy a piece of art in an attempt to stop something we know to be unstoppable: the post-adolescent urge to get down? Hell no, everybody. Hell no.