Filmed and set in our own Santa Barbara, Nancy Meyers’ new romantic comedy, “It’s Complicated,” delivers the laughs and a hell of a view along with it.

When 10-year divorcee Jane (Meryl Streep) has a wild night with her remarried ex-husband Jake (Alec Baldwin) while in New York for their son’s college graduation, things get a little… complicated. Not only does Jake’s new wife have a five-year-old son, but Jane also happens to fall adorably hard for her nice-guy architect (Steve Martin) soon thereafter.

Playing the age card doesn’t get old in this romantic comedy, because it adds most of the charm. Jane loves to taunt Jake over the fact that his stepson will graduate college about the time he turns 78, and nothing is funnier than a couple of stoners that aren’t in their teens lighting up in the bathroom of a party.

John Krasinksi of “The Office” adds some young blood to the mix in his turn as Jane’ future son-in-law. As he unravels the mess that is Jake and Jane’s affair, his antics to prevent the rest of the family from finding out are hysterical. While his fiancée blames the jitters on their impending wedding, the audience falls over laughing at the irony.

This film’s flaws lie only in the reality of life after marriage. While Jane is appropriately disgusted at her husband’s affair, she has the biggest house you’ve ever seen on the salary of a divorced bakery owner, not counting the renovations she’s making.

Although I guess that’s the method of Meyers, whose previous comedies like “The Holiday” and “Something’s Gotta Give” also lean on the wealthy side of life. Well, who knows? Maybe Jake’s salary as a lawyer tilted in Jane’s favor in the divorce.

While the film is funny, the painstaking confusion of having to choose between the father of your children and the man of your dreams is effectively heart-wrenching. Meyers doesn’t let that hold back the laughs, though, and you can’t help but stand up and cheer when Jane brags to her girlfriends about the affair. You also see a little more skin than you ever anticipated from a film primarily about senior citizens.

Nancy Meyers’ latest writing-directing combo pieces together an endearing romantic comedy that also happens to be hysterical. Something that both adults and younger viewers can enjoy, “It’s Complicated” is definitely worth the movie visit.