Even with much of Isla Vista empty, the I.V. Foot Patrol kept busy over the break, responding to vandalism, property theft and multiple fights.

Several cars were vandalized during the break by criminals who smashed windows and side mirrors. In one incident, a bicycle was thrown into a car window. In another, vandals chose Christmas as the day to break into a van on Camino Pescadero and push it down a driveway. Nothing was stolen, but police found a used condom in the vehicle.

As is often the case during extended breaks, thieves were also active during the holidays. On Dec. 17, burglars took two LCD televisions and a video game console from a residence on Trigo Road. The following day, Friendship Manor – a senior living home in Isla Vista – was also burglarized. A resident reported a stolen wheelchair.

Though the IVFP received multiple theft reports over the break, Sergeant Matt Bly said he expects several more to be made in the coming days.

“Since students are gone for three weeks this time of year, non-residents know that the area is going to be empty,” Bly said. “It’s a great time for burglars from the surrounding area to come in and steal stuff. In the next few days, we are anticipating a large amount of reports being made for stolen and vandalized items. Students just aren’t aware it has happened yet.”

Local sheriffs also responded to several incidents of violent crime during the holidays.

A case of domestic abuse was reported at a residence on the corner of Cordoba Road and Embarcadero Del Norte. Two people, neither of whom were UCSB students, were involved in the incident and police took the man into custody, charging him with spousal battery.

Deputies also arrested several Isla Vista residents for selling copious amounts of marijuana. Officers confiscated nearly a pound and a half of cannabis from a home on the 6600 block of Sueno Road.

While the party scene is largely nonexistent over the break, two people were arrested for driving under the influence in Isla Vista.

Despite the two arrests, Bly said DUI offenses are not common in Isla Vista during the holidays.

“There are not many cases like DUI offenses this time of year because Isla Vista is almost empty,” he said. “There is almost no partying or anything like that.”