Entering the mind of a man can be a tricky task when it comes to picking the perfect present. This guide is here with a list of fun suggestions to take the stress out of your seasonal shopping this year and to help you show those special men in your life just how much you care.


Beers of the World:

Treat your dad to a tasty tour around the world he won’t have to leave the couch for with the Cost Plus World Market Beers of the World 10-pack. This exotic assortment of high quality beers from countries such as Japan, Ireland and Germany is a fun gift that is perfect for sharing around the fire — just don’t offer to trade him for the indigenous Natural Light of Isla Vista. (Available in-stores only, prices may vary)

Philips AJL308 Clock Radio:

This new gadget is a tour-de-force of technology, working as an alarm clock radio, digital photo frame, video player and music player. It is easily transportable, so your dad can save room in his suitcase and on his bedside table. Just makes sure he remembers to wake up with the alarm clock buzz, not turn on a video. ($129, www. amazon.com)


Onda Board:

This brand new skateboard is perfect for an active little brother looking to keep up with the latest in board¬ing. The large, smooth wheels make it easier to ride and prevent snags on little cracks that can cause a spill, so it is both safe and fun. It is also more durable than a wooden skateboard due to the tough resin fiber deck that makes it both strong and flexible. In addition, it is hydroscopic, so it absorbs moisture over time, which strengthens as opposed to damages the board. It is also customizable, so even if your bro doesn’t quite get the engineering aspects, he should get excited about choosing his own wheel and torsion shock colors. (To order, call (888) 445-6632. $149, www.pardau.com)

Michel Gondry 2: More Videos (Before and After DVD 1):

For an older brother, this DVD compilation that includes nearly three hours of music videos and behind the scenes footage from innovative music video/film director Michel Gondry, is sure to entertain. The DVD showcases Gondry’s work using groundbreaking videography and camera techniques on music videos for a wide selection of artists such as The White Stripes, Radiohead, Beck and Paul McCartney. Gondry also directed visually stimulating films such as “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” and “The Science of Sleep.” Oh, and if you were worried about gift seasonality, he’s also behind those catchy holiday Gap com¬mercials. ($17.95, www.michelgondry.com)


Beats Headphones:

Most headphones today cannot capture all the details of production and full sound that musical artists intend to convey in their songs. If your boyfriend has ever complained about the inadequacy of his earbuds, blow him away with the rich, dynamic sound quality of the Beats Solo High-Performance headphones. These head¬phones were created by Dr. Dre and are conveniently compact without sacrificing studio sound. Give your guy a pair of Beats this year, and you’ll discover that the way to a man’s heart just might be through his ears. ($199.95, www.beatsbydre.com)


Smelling nice isn’t just a woman’s luxury, and most men can appreciate that special spring-in-the-step studly feel that comes with the spritz of a favorite scent. So this Christmas, treat your man to a classy cologne such as the multi-layered and masculine fragrance Hanae Mori or a classic like Aqua Di Gio, which hugs the skin with hints of the woods, spice and the ocean breeze. ($67 for 3.4 oz. bottle, www.sephora.com)

Best Friend

Beatles Rock Band:

If you get by with a little help from your friends, thank your best bud with the opportunity to rock out with the greatest band in history. The Beatles Rock Band really makes you feel like one of the Fab Four with its atten¬tion to detail and selection of 45 songs that cover the length of their career. Any fan will find fun in singing their three part harmonies or jamming on instruments that replicate the Beatles’ gear, such as John Lennon’s 1958 Rickenbacker 325 or Ringo Starr’s Ludwig drums at the sites of their most famous concerts such as the Ed Sullivan Theater. With features like this, who says you can’t buy love? ($239.99, www.amazon.com)

Video game:

Give your best friend endless hours of enjoyment (that you can join him in) with the video game his thumbs have been itching for. Popular picks include “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2,” “Assassin’s Creed II,” which doubles as a virtual tour of Italy, or “FIFA 10: Soccer Game” for the more sports-oriented. ($54.99-$59.99, www.amazon.com)



The rainy season is approaching Santa Barbara, so this winter, treat your roommate’s feet to a pair of cozy slippers to unwind with when he gets back from class, like the O’Neill Guys’ Rico Slippers. The sherpa inner lining, padded sherpa foot bed and rubber outsole are sure to give his feet something to smile about after biking home in the rain. ($25, www.swell.com)


Give your bud a break from required reading this holiday with a fun and purely entertaining novel such as Pirate Latitudes, the latest from Michael Crichton, or Under the Dome by Stephen King, a tale about a town mysteriously sealed off from the rest of the world by an unseen dome and the intriguing story that ensues underneath. (Pirate Latitudes $14 and Under the Dome $14, www.amazon.com)