The Isla Vista Foot Patrol issued nine citations and made three arrests over the Thanksgiving weekend, despite the holiday exodus.

The majority of citations were given for alcohol and noise ordinance violations. Police arrested individuals for driving under the influence, domestic violence and driving without a license.

The unlicensed driver was pulled over for a routine traffic stop and could not present a valid ID. The suspect gave police a fake name before being arrested.

IVFP Lt. Brian Olmstead said one citation was given for possession of burglary tools, which illuminates a trend that occurs when students leave town for extended breaks. Burglary and property crimes often increase when I.V. residents leave for the holidays.

As of Sunday morning, however, there had been no reports of burglary, Olmstead said.

“We have had different times when the theft rates go up during the holidays when people are gone,” Olmstead said. “We haven’t had any theft reports this weekend, but people are still coming back.”

Olmstead said the IVFP has increased in nightly routines during Christmas break in recent years to help prevent the expected increase in property crimes.

“We might see a little spike in reported crimes because of the extended break,” Olmstead said. “Residents need to remember to lock their doors and windows, especially when they leave town.”