A college-aged male fell from the cliffs along Del Playa Drive Saturday night, sustaining minimal injuries.

The man showed no signs of external trauma when paramedics arrived but was taken to a local hospital for further observation. Police said the man had been drinking alcohol before the fall.

Isla Vista Foot Patrol Lt. Brian Olmstead said alcohol-related injuries are frequent in Isla Vista.

“One of the biggest problems with I.V. is irresponsible drinking that leads to risky behavior,” Olmstead said. “We would really like to see people drink in moderation to prevent injury.”

In addition to the cliff accident, police were busy enforcing local drinking laws this weekend. Police issued 34 citations, mainly for offenses such as minors in possession of alcohol, urinating in public and furnishing alcohol to minors.

Law enforcement officials also made 13 arrests, including one for possession of cocaine.

Olmstead said the amount of crime in Isla Vista follows a typical pattern throughout the school year.

“All of the arrests and citations were consistent with this time of year, as people come out of midterms and go back to their regular weekend routine,” Olmstead said.

Given that alcohol played a role in the cliff accident this weekend, Olmstead said safety awareness programs at the university could help prevent similar accidents and save lives. The Division of Student Affairs maintains a Web site with safe partying tips, such as knowing one’s tolerance for alcohol. Another resource, Just Call, advises students to dial 9-1-1 if an individual shows signs of alcohol poisoning.

“The university this year has many programs such as Know Your Limit and Just Call to help prevent future alcohol abuse and injury due to it,” Olmstead said. “Unfortunately, the problem with those of college age is that they have the idea of invulnerability, which makes them go past their limits and cause injury to themselves.”