The Associated Students Finance Board doled out $823 to two student groups during an unexpectedly short meeting last night.

The board voted to partially fund both groups, Tribal Belly Dance Fusion and the Chinese Student Association, leaving $28,553.89 in the Fall unallocated budget.

On Nov. 8, Tribal Belly Dance Fusion put on a Dark Carnival circus production entitled “Demon Dances — Your Dark Side in the Spotlight” in Isla Vista’s Anisq’ Oyo’ Park. The board allocated $200 to Tribal Belly Dance Fusion for the money they had spent on the event.

The Chinese Student Association also appeared in front of the board last night, looking for enough funding to put on a Masquerade Casino Night. CSA Secretary Sarah de Sousa said the event — which would feature mahjong and poker tournaments — was dependent on money from the board.

“[If we are not funded] it would be a much smaller event,” de Sousa, a second-year business economics pre-major, said. “We would have to cut back a lot of things, but we would still put on the event … it would be a big let-down if we did not do this event because we have been thinking about it for so long.”

However, CSA had not followed protocol for the funding request and many board members questioned allocating money to the event at all. Vice Chair Stephanie Finch said the problems with the group’s budget could have been avoided if a representative had come to Finance Board sooner, like other student groups on campus.

“She said they had been thinking about this since September and that’s plenty of time to come to Finance Board and ask for money,” Finch said. “We should not vote to fund them any differently.”

After the discussion, the board voted to distribute $623.