An unidentified suspect was arrested early Sunday morning after burglarizing three local businesses.

The suspect, who was already on parole, was caught stealing cash from Déjà Vu, Precious Slut and McMaster’s Steak & Hoagie at 4 a.m. After a short pursuit on foot, the Isla Vista Foot Patrol arrested the suspect in Anisq’Oyo’ Park.

Meanwhile, after acquiring a warrant on suspect of narcotics trafficking, the IVFP apprehended three other individuals Friday afternoon at a residence on the 6500 block of Del Playa.

The weekend’s arrests rounded out with three more made late Saturday night and early Sunday morning.

In addition to the arrests, the Foot Patrol issued a total of 32 citations this weekend, all of which were alcohol related.

According to Deputy Dean Deleo of the IVFP, Saturday night’s soccer game contributed to the number of citations.

“Usually when we have big soccer games, there aren’t really any house parties,” Deleo said. “People drink more during the day and aren’t burned out yet by night so they are ready to party. This increases many more dangerous issues such as fights, which often are alcohol related.”