Due to heavy traffic and widespread street closures, local buses will suspend their services to and from Isla Vista throughout Halloween weekend.

The Santa Barbara Metropolitan Transit District plans to reroute the bus lines that normally travel through Isla Vista — the 24X, 23, 25, 11 and 15X — on Oct. 30 and 31. These specified lines will stop at North Hall and travel around I.V. to the Storke Road and Hollister Avenue intersection instead of their normal routes.

The 27 line, on the other hand, will be completely suspended throughout the entirety of the weekend.

MTD Director of Transit Development and Community Relations David Damiano said that the suspension of bus services involved a number of trade-offs for the local community.

“Our mission is to serve the public,” he said. “Unfortunately, some people who depend on buses will be inconvenienced by the reduced service.”

Damiano also said that the route alterations could lead to a domino effect, with other lines facing significant delays.

An MTD press release outlined the standard rules of conduct for riders during Halloween weekend. According to the press release, passengers are prohibited from carrying open containers of any kind.

Local law enforcement will also work closely with MTD to enforce safety rules. Officers will be stationed on several bus routes as well as at the agency’s transit center in downtown Santa Barbara to maintain order.

Damiano said that Halloween weekend comes at a significant cost for the agency. In order to compensate for the closure of routes and discourage residents participating in the holiday festivities from driving, MTD will run certain lines more frequently.

According to Damiano, staff overtime and increased security will cost MTD an additional $10,000 this weekend.