Today at 5 p.m., UCSB residence halls will subject its residents and visitors to a strict Halloween lockdown procedure not to be lifted until Sunday morning.

According to Housing & Residential Services, its administration is undertaking a series of measures this Halloween weekend to combat alcohol and drug abuse as well as out-of-town invaders. As in previous years, the residence halls will enforce a no-guest policy Thursday through Sunday morning, requiring all students to show a valid ACCESS card to enter each hall. The halls have also had their defenses boosted by the erection of fences around the perimeter of their properties and will staff additional campus security officers to patrol hallways, mirroring beefed-up security measures by officials in Isla Vista. Residential Life will also be hosting activities in the residence halls to provide students an alternative to the Isla Vista party scene.

Danny Mann, assistant director of Residential Life for Housing & Residential Services, said the administration is committed to promoting safety and containing the burden of out-of-town visitors.

“One of the biggest priorities for the UCSB community is to try to encourage everyone to help make Halloween a safe and local event,” Mann said. “The large amount of out-of-town guests results in fiscal, physical and environmental impacts on the small community of Isla Vista.”

Bridget Twomey, a first-year English major, said the policies of the administration are too stringent, forcing responsible students to bear an unfair burden under the security crackdown.

“The lockdown is a form of collective punishment,” Twomey said. “If we are transitioning to adulthood, there is no substitute for personal responsibility.”

Mann said the administration has been careful to enforce policies in a way that won’t infringe upon students’ rights.

“Guidelines are in place to ensure that individual rights and freedoms are protected and responsibilities understood,” Mann said. “Policies have been altered thanks to student input.”