A reckless driver took aim at the Isla Vista Foot Patrol this weekend as he attempted to run down several law enforcement officers.

After being ordered to stop, the individual tried to ram his vehicle into several members of the IVFP, who were able to safely dodge the car. The suspect was then arrested and charged with driving under the influence, driving with a suspended license, reckless driving and assault with a deadly weapon. He had previously been issued a warrant for drug-related charges.

“No civilians or police deputies were hurt in the incident,” Lieutenant Brian Olmstead said. “But it was a significant arrest in Isla Vista. We know the suspect is not a university student.”

Overall, the Foot Patrol made seven arrests on Friday and six arrests on Saturday. They issued 75 citations over the weekend, most of which were for minors in possession of alcohol, noise violations and drug possession. Olmstead said the high number of citations is not unusual for this time of the year.

“I hate to say crime is normal,” Olmstead said. “It’s consistent, but a little higher from last year. The majority of crime is alcohol related because most people drink irresponsibly.”

Deputies are also bracing for the upcoming Halloween weekend. Olmstead said 250 officers and deputies have enlisted, as well as 100 staffers that include fire and medical teams to assist in controlling the forthcoming chaos.

However, Olmstead said he is optimistic about his department handling the Halloween rush.

“We are hoping we can minimize injuries from last year, which included 55 people transported to the hospital,” Olmstead said. “We have more staffing as opposed to three years ago. Hopefully, people will minimize their alcohol consumption and this will reduce the number of crime and the amount of people taken to the hospital.”