Canadian twins Tegan and Sara have the world at their fingertips: After winning a local music contest at the age of 17, they landed a spot on a “Grey’s Anatomy” soundtrack, gained a devoted following of fans and even won the respect of critics along the way. The music is recognizable for the nasally but pleasing harmonies as well as the sisters’ shared lyric-writing duties, while the girls are recognizable for their emo-goth, gender-bending fashion sense. The duo has been featured in magazines like Rolling Stone and ROCKRGRL since 2003, and has made appearances atop scores of yearly best-album lists. Since then, they’ve progressively fallen more into the mainstream indie-pop scene, and now tour with bands like The Killers, Weezer, Cake, Death Cab for Cutie and The Pretenders. The duo’s latest effort, Sainthood, picks up where previous LPs left off, but incorporates heavier drums, distorted guitars and a little electronica, which is a nice change to hear from the pair. They prove that identical twins with identical voices and beautiful, gruff harmony are a winning combo for even the most scrupulous of ears.