Third District Supervisor Doreen Farr, Isla Vista’s only elected official, held office hours at Java Jones yesterday.

Farr said that her main purpose for holding these office hours was for members of the Isla Vista community to “let her know what their concerns are.” Farr answered questions on topics such as health care and global warming, as well as more local concerns such as excessive trash on the streets and the amount of public intoxication citations issued in Isla Vista.

“Although there were a variety of different people, the issues were all pertinent to the community,” Farr said.

In response to concerns over the number of citations issued in Isla Vista, Farr said she would like to see fewer people arrested for public intoxication. She proposed that one possible solution was to create a drunk tank in Isla Vista.

“We’re looking into reviving the idea of a sobering center in I.V.,” Farr said.

Much like the one that exists in downtown Santa Barbara, the proposed center would allow those under suspicion of public intoxication — who have not committed another crime and do not appear to be a threat — to sober up without a mark on their criminal record.

As of now, suspects that are stopped by the police for public intoxication in I.V. are booked into the Santa Barbara County Jail. The current process requires IVFP officers to leave duty to accompany drunken revelers downtown.

Thursday’s event marked Farr’s first open meeting in Isla Vista, but the supervisor said she plans for this to be the first of many opportunities to address local issues.