I am a liberal who thought I could not be shocked. But “Take the Backdoor to Unexpected Pleasure” had me picking up the phone to demand answers on why the Nexus feels it has to resort to sex advice to sell ads.

It is a well-written piece, and I have no problem with the writer’s ideas, but this editorial has no place in a daily newspaper. This is Hustler material. The Nexus is an opportunity for great young minds to learn and practice the craft of journalism. I don’t see the point of a young man’s thoughts on coercing timid females into anal penetration as a lead editorial with a banner graphic for a paper that wants to be respected for challenging us to think about our complex world with sharper insights.

My name is Peter Iliff. I am an alumni, served three years in editor positions on the Nexus in the late ’70s, and I have made a long career as a Hollywood screenwriter (“Point Break,” “Varsity Blues,” etc). I thank the Nexus for helping to hone my writing chops.

I urge the editors of this paper not to treat the Nexus like some personal sex joke. Do you forget your gratitude over living in a country that offers freedom of speech? Is this the best use you can find for this opportunity that others your age have fought for and died to protect?

Please think about the opportunities wasted when you throw away column inches and good ink to a topic that belongs in the privacy of the bedroom. I can’t believe the Nexus editors think it is cool being so aggressive with freedom of speech just for the hell of it. Use your gifts with the written word and the precious vehicle of this daily publication to inflame and rattle cages for issues that matter! Make this a better world. Inspire debate and awareness with your opinions. Wow and impress without resorting to cheap tricks.