In an effort to lower the cost of prescription medica¬tions, Santa Barbara County is now offering residents a discounted drug card.

The cards will allow hold¬ers to purchase prescriptions for up to 65 percent off and can be obtained for free at county offices and pharma¬cies. Anyone living in the county is eligible for the card, without regard to income or health.

According to an agenda letter from that meeting, the discounted drug program will manage to generate rev¬enue for the county. Financial Marketing Concepts Inc., a private Florida-based com¬pany responsible for the pro¬gram, will pay the county 50 cents for the first 8,000 pre¬scriptions filled per month, 65 cents for the next 8,000 and 75 cents for each prescription over 16,000.

In a statement, Fifth District Supervisor Joe Centeno said the card would provide financial relief to cash-strapped residents.

“Simply present it at a par¬ticipating pharmacy. There is no enrollment form, no mem¬bership fee and no restric¬tions or limits on frequency of use. Cardholders and their family members can use the card any time their prescrip¬tions are not covered by insur¬ance or other means.”

According to the press release, county employees and family members of coun¬ty residents will also be able to receive the discount card, which can be used on both brand name and generic medi¬cations.

The Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors approved the program, known as Coast2Coast Rx, at its meet¬ing July 14. It is the same program currently being used by neighboring Ventura County.

A list of participating phar¬macies and more information about the discount is available at