With Isla Vista’s famed debauchery on full display, the I.V. Foot Patrol was out in force this back-to-school weekend.

Emergency personnel and law enforcement spent the busy weekend responding to fights, alcohol overdoses, vandalism and one incident involving a drunken tumble off the bluffs along Del Playa Drive. In total, officers issued 61 citations and made over 20 arrests.

According to Lt. Brian of the Foot Patrol, there were at least nine medical emergencies Friday night alone, forcing response teams to scramble to keep up.

“There were times we were waiting quite a long period of time for ambulances,” Olmstead said.

One man was hospitalized Friday night after falling off the cliffs along the 6600 block of Del Playa. According to Olmstead, the individual, who was described as being severely inebriated, was searching for his cell phone when he fell off the edge.

“He was drunk and went over the side, and landed on the sand below.” Olmstead said.

According to Olmstead, the man was fully conscious when officers found him, and was promptly rushed to the hospital.

“He was talking and able to move around…there was no obvious broken bones or anything external, but the medics came and packaged him up on a stretcher,” Olmstead said.

Elsewhere, water balloons flying from Del Playa balconies, a common sight at the beginning of the year, caused some trouble Friday night, leaving one man in the hospital.

According to Olmstead, the man was hit with a water balloon thrown from an apartment on the 6600 block of Del Playa and tried to confront the person that had thrown it. The suspect, however, mistakenly entered the wrong apartment, and a fight broke out.

During the altercation, the man who had been hit by the balloon had a glass bottle smashed over his head, near his neck. He was taken to the hospital with several lacerations.

Although water balloons are commonly thrown from balconies on Del Playa, Olmstead warned that this seemingly harmless act is an illegal act of battery.

“It’s battery because anytime you hit someone with something it’s a battery, whether it’s a fist or a water balloon or a rock,” he said.

Officers also responded to several reports of alcohol poisoning and one report of major vandalism. Deputies got a call Saturday night saying that someone had dumped several buckets of red paint onto cars parked along El Nido Lane. While most of the paint washed off, some remained and a vandalism report was filed.

The trouble didn’t end with Saturday’s passing, however, and police responded to two additional alcohol-related fights Sunday evening, resulting in four arrests.

In all, there were 27 Minor in Possession citations and 12 arrests for being drunk in public.