A 20-year-old man was stabbed on Del Playa Drive Friday night following an altercation between several individuals.

The victim was taken to Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital in critical condition, but it expected to survive. Two suspects, aged 17 and 20, have been arrested in connection to the attack and face charges of assault with a deadly weapon. According to police, all three individuals presented out-of-town addresses, though it could not be confirmed if any were students.

Santa Barbara County Sherriff spokesman Drew Sugars said officers were alerted to the stabbing at 11:24 p.m.

“When we got there, there was a victim holding holding his stomach,” Sugars said. “He had multiple lacerations. Deputies there attended to his injuries until paramedics could get there and take him to Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital.”

According to Sugars, the two suspects made identification easy.

“They did have a knife on one of them,” Sugars said. “And they had blood on different parts of their clothing.”

Police were able to release the name of the older suspect – Donald Pounds, Jr. of Chatsworth, Calif. – but were required to withhold the name of the 17-year-old. The younger suspect is a resident of Woodland Hills, Calif.

The stabbing took place in the middle of the heavily traveled street, outside of a large house party. According to the party host Tyler Santander, a third-year political science major, police did not allow anyone to leave the house until they completed a thorough research.

“The cops had reason to believe that the guy who did [the stabbing] was at our party or fled through our yard,” Santander said. “Nobody was apprehended [from the party].”

Santander added that and his housemates do not know the perpetrators of the crime, nor the victim.

To investigate the crime, police cordoned off a large swath of Del Playa Drive until early Saturday morning.

The attack came as a shock to many residents of Del Playa. Amanda Leistiko, a third-year comparative literature major, lives across the street from the site of the stabbing.

“It was a weird night because I never see stuff like that in I.V.,” Leistiko said. “It made me physically sick.”

While many locals may never witness such a crim, Isla Vista Foot Patrol Lt. Brian Olmstead cautioned that it is not so uncommon.

“Unfortunately, Isla Vista has a high crime rate,” Olmstead said. “It has a high violent crime rate. A lot of it is due to the alcohol abuse. What a lot of the students don’t realize is there are people that live here or are out-of-towners that come in. … and they have weapons on them.”