Henry T. Yang – Chancellor
Henry Yang, who became UCSB’s chancellor in 1994, oversees the administration of the university. In addition to being UCSB’s chief administrator, Yang is an award-winning professor of mechanical engineering with a long history of contributions to his field. He still teaches engineering classes at the university and guides Ph.D. students with support from the National Science Foundation. He can sometimes be seen on Del Playa Drive and always ventures out on Halloween.

Todd Lee – Budget & Planning
The Office of Budget and Planning serves the university by providing a financial blueprint for efficiently managing the resources provided to the campus. Currently, Lee and his office staff are working with UCSB administrators to manage the university’s budget in light of the UC system-wide budget cuts resulting from the deficit.

Gene E. Lucas – Exec. Vice Chancellor
The executive vice chancellor is the chief academic officer of UCSB. His office oversees academic planning, policy and personnel, and is responsible for all academic units, on and off-campus instructional activities and instructional support programs.

Charlie Arreola – A.S. President
Arreola is this year’s leader of the Associated Students, the student government on campus. A.S. is made up of a plethora of committees including the Financial Board, which distributes funds to student groups, and the Programs Board, which organizes activities and events for the campus. The executive members of A.S. are chosen through student elections that occur during April of each year. Arreola previously served as RHA president and is a member of the Open People’s Party.

Marc Fisher – Administrative Services & Campus Architect
Architect Marc Fisher joined UCSB in 2002 as associate vice chancellor. He currently oversees Physical Facilities, Design and Construction Services, Campus Planning and Design and Parking and Transportation Services. He is also involved in the planning of new housing and future additions and improvements to the campus.

Michael D. Young – Student Affairs
Michael Young has been UCSB’s vice chancellor for student affairs since 1990. Young oversees the Division of Student Affairs, whose departments include Admissions, Financial Aid, Office of the Registrar, Women’s Center, Recreation, Educational Opportunity Program, Arts & Lectures, MultiCultural Center, Student Health, Counseling & Career Services and Office of Student Life.