One of the biggest perks of living and going to school in Santa Barbara is the nearby selection of beaches for surfing, tanning and hanging out between classes and on the weekends. Here’s a somewhat helpful guide to some of Santa Barbara’s most popular beaches.

Sands is the beach at the far end of Isla Vista, past the 68 block of DP.
-Good surfing spot
-Far bike ride from campus

Goleta Beach is the beach off the 217 and Sandspit Road, down the hill from the main entrance to UCSB.
-BBQs, parking and food
-Uphill ride back to campus

Campus Point is the closest beach, by the lagoon between campus and Isla Vista.
-Close to campus
-Smaller beach, inconsistent waves

Hendry’s Beach is officially named Arroyo Burro Beach and is a short drive down the 101, off Las Positas.
-Good surfing, restaurant nearby
-Inconsistent waves

Anacapa Steps is located literally steps away from Santa Cruz and Anacapa Residence Halls. It’s a perfect place for a quick beach break between classes.
-Close to the dorms
-Small beach, rocky offshore

East Beach is the big beach downtown by the Santa Barbara Pier and is known to host big events like the All-Sorority Volleyball Tournament.
-Big beach, close to downtown scene
-Rocky offshore