In the article “Officials Investigate Questionable E-mail,” (Daily Nexus, March 21) Ms. Pena-Leon was quoted as saying that the university is investigating Professor Robinson due to the “Israeli lobbyists.”

This comment made by Alba Pena-Leon is troubling for two reasons. Firstly, where do the “Israeli lobbyists” place on UCSB’s donor list? How much money do they give and from whom? It’s necessary that facts and definitions be provided when making such bold claims about these spooky and mysteriously powerful “Israeli lobbyists.”

Secondly, who are the “Israeli lobbyists?” Am I part of the Israeli lobby because I am an American Jew? What organizations constitute this lobby and why? These kinds of conspiratorial claims and bold remarks are counterproductive to the resolution of this debate surrounding academic freedom. If these kinds of controversial comments are to be made, it should be presented with cold, hard facts and clear definitions, instead of loose theories that smack of conspiracy.