Dildos, vibrators, whips and handcuffs adorned the Student Resource Building lawn yesterday for the annual UCSB Sex Affair, which cautions students against unhealthy sexual practices.

Reaching its climax only once a year, the annual event is put on by Sex and Relationship Peer Health Interns to provide students with information on sexual health. Topics up for discussion ranged from available birth control methods and information about STIs, to suggestions for making anal sex work in a relationship.

Moreover, participants at the event were offered the chance to tickle their fancies with kinky sex toys and S&M bondage gear and were quizzed on the different sex organs.

Tamzen Hull, a health educator and advisor for the Sex and Relationship Interns, said the event is a great opportunity to spend a whole day talking with students about sex.

“[There are] interactive activities to educate students, from anatomy, to how to use contraceptives and communication techniques,” Hull said. “We have scientific research, so the information students receive is backed up. [We aim to reach] the whole spectrum of UCSB students.”

Attendees received goodie bags, which included condoms, dental dams, flavored lubricant, candy and a flyer on the proper use of condoms.

“[The goodie bag] is something students can physically take with them and is a convenient way to pick up other things from tables,” Hull said. “The candy is for those not sexually active as an alternative.”

Jennifer McNamara, an intern and third-year communication and film & media studies major, said in addition to sex education, a graffiti board was set up to discuss healthy relationships.

“[The board] allows people to recognize what they do as a couple and what they can do [to improve],” McNamara said.

McNamara said the event also aimed to create a comfortable environment for those who abstain from sex, touching on the subject of abstinence and providing sex information for when and if they decide to become sexually active.

“We have flyers that promote abstinence [that offer] sixty-nine ways to make love without actually doing it,” McNamara said.

Dulce Sotelo, a first-year undeclared student who partook in the event, said she had fun experimenting with the various sex toys.

“[My] favorite table was the [Kink University Fetish Fellowship] table because there is a lot of different toys that seem like it hurts but is arousing,” Sotelo said. “People are not too embarrassed and are willing to answer questions and give us information on sex.”