Santa Barbara Barbeque Gourmet Catering
1917 De La Vina Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Phone: (805) 687-4900

Looking for gourmet barbeque in bulk? As it so happens, there is a solution right in town. Santa Barbara Barbeque Gourmet Catering provides bulk catering for fine barbecue meals.

While the occasions you frequent Santa Barbara Barbeque Gourmet Catering might be rare – weddings, formal dinners, and reunions are all possibilities – the menu will certainly astound your guests.

Appetizers cover all bases, from soups to salsa to seafood, and will undoubtedly fulfill any food fan’s desires. Side dishes include a large array of salads, as well as an abundance of vegetarian meals. While veggies may prevail in this realm, the main courses offer plenty of barbecue-tastic meat.

Obviously if you are at a wedding or formal event where class is key, the filet mignon is a classic staple. But for the messy protein lover in all of us, they also offer ample amounts of ribs. Prime ribs and baby back ribs are common ground, but the variety Santa Barbara Barbeque offers extends all the way to Korean barbecue ribs as well.

Seafood entrées and chicken abound as well, with enough options that you won’t be caught eating the same dish as the guy next to you… though you might want to catch a bite of his while he is not looking. After all, it all looks good.

So maybe you are a couple years away from marriage and a couple grand short of a formal dinner – no worries. Just suggest to your newly engaged buddy that barbecue is totally in this wedding season. They will understand.